Lucky 6 Roulette Madness: New 2024 Promotion [Daily Prizes]

Lucky 6 Roulette Madness

You could win a share of a total expected prize pool of over €1,000,000 when playing ‘Lucky 6 Roulette Madness’, a fantastic new promotion from Pragmatic Play.

There are 78 daily prize drops (not available on Fridays) and 13 Friday Mega Tournaments.

To take part, simply click the ‘OK’ button in the pop-up window on the Lucky 6 Roulette game show from Pragmatic Play and place a bet of at least €0.20.

Lucky 6 Roulette Madness – Daily Prize Drops

Each daily prize drop will run from 17:01 GMT on Friday until 16:59 GMT the following day, or until all the prizes have been awarded, whichever occurs first. The daily prize drops will not be available whilst the Friday Mega Tournaments are taking place.

Any wager of at least €0.20 on the Lucky 6 Roulette game show from Pragmatic Play can trigger a random prize from the prize pool. You can win more than one random prize during the promotion, but only one prize for any qualifying bet.

There are 500 daily cash prizes worth a combined €5,000 to be dropped, including a top prize of €1,000.

The prize table is displayed in the participating game and updated in real time, showing the current standings, as well as how many prizes are left.

Lucky 6 Roulette Madness – Friday Mega Tournaments

Each Friday Mega Tournament will run from 17:01 GMT on Friday until 16:59 GMT the following day.

The minimum wager required to participate in this promotion is €0.20. Points are calculated based on the multiplier for each winning bet, where one multiplier is equal to one point. For example, if a player bets €10 and wins €30, their multiplier is 3 (30/10) and they get 3 points. Points are accumulated throughout each tournament.

The prize pool for each Friday Mega Tournament is €50,000, which will be split across the top 5,000 participants on the Leaderboard. First place will receive a €10,000 cash prize.

You can use your unique identifier to track your position on the Leaderboard, which will be updated in real time.

What is Lucky 6 Roulette?

You’ll find Lucky 6 Roulette in the Game Show section in the Marathonbet Live Casino. The game features a traditional roulette but with a twist: six of the numbers are allocated random multipliers of between 50x and 2088x your stake. There is the potential of a big win whilst playing, and you also have a chance to collect a cash prize from this fantastic promotion.

The ‘Lucky 6 Roulette Madness’ promotion runs from 5th June to 4th September and is available for all players. You can find out more about this promotion here.

There are chances to get cash prizes all day long at Marathonbet Live Casino.

Some promotions/games may not be available in some countries. Days may vary due to time zone differences.

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