‘Blackjack League’ at the Marathonbet Live Casino

Blackjack League

If you enjoy playing blackjack, check out this fantastic new promotion with a massive prize pool!

Take part in the ‘Blackjack League’ promotion from Pragmatic Play in the Marathonbet Live Casino. You’ll find four daily tournaments running until the end of June, with a combined prize pool of €3,035,000.

All you need to do is find the blackjack games with the ‘Blackjack League’ logo on their game icons on the main Live Casino page or in the Blackjack subsection. Click on ‘OK’ in the pop-up window to confirm your participation and place one or more qualifying bets. To participate in more than one tournament, the required steps must be taken for each tournament in which you wish to take part.

A qualifying bet is a bet placed on any Participating Game. The minimum amount for a qualifying bet is shown below:

  • Bronze Blackjack Tournament — between €5 and €10*;
  • Silver Blackjack Tournament — between €25 and €50*;
  • Gold Blackjack Tournament — from €100;
  • Privé Blackjack Tournament — from €1,000.

*The minimum bet requirement may vary within the above stated range, depending on a particular Blackjack table’s minimum stake.

Scoring in the Bronze, Silver and Gold tournaments is based on the points received for consecutive winning qualifying bets. Hit a winning streak and watch your points mount up!

The scoring in the Privé tournament differs in that it is calculated based on the longest winning streak.

All prizes have no wagering requirements and will be available for further gameplay or withdrawal. Prizes will be awarded automatically at the end of each tournament.

The prize pool comprises €35,000 EVERY day, and is distributed as follows:

Privé Blackjack Tournament: the player who finishes top of the daily leaderboard receives €10,000.

Gold Blackjack Tournament: players in positions 1-49 on the Leaderboard will share a daily prize pool of €15,000:

  • 1st: €5,000
  • 2nd – 3rd: €1,000
  • 4th – 7th: €500
  • 8th – 25th: €200
  • 26th – 49th: €100

Silver Blackjack Tournament: players in positions 1-200 on the Leaderboard will share a daily prize pool of €7,000:

  • 1st: €1,000
  • 2nd: €500
  • 3rd – 4th: €100
  • 5th – 20th: €50
  • 21st – 200th: €25

Bronze Blackjack Tournament: players in positions 1-250 on the Leaderboard will share a daily prize pool of €3,000:

  • 1st: €200
  • 2nd: €100
  • 3rd – 10th: €50
  • 11th – 55th: €20
  • 56th – 140th: €10
  • 141st – 250th: €5

You can find out more about this promotion here.

The promotion has already started! There are chances to win cash prizes every day when playing at qualifying blackjack tables in the Marathonbet Live Casino.

Some promotions may not be available in some countries. Days may vary due to time zone differences.

For some helpful Blackjack tips, check out the Online Blackjack Strategy and Guide article in the Marathonbet Blog. You can also find more information in Blackjack: rules and unique variants, but please note that the specific games referred to in that text do not form part of this promotion.