Local And Network Promotions

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Network and Local Promotions

When looking at the banners on the Casino or Live Casino pages, or checking the ‘promotions’ tab, you will notice an array of Bonuses and promotions in which you will be able to participate.

Many of the regular Marathonbet offers have been described in the article on Bonuses, including cashback and deposit Bonuses, welcome offers and more.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the network and local promotions that regularly become available, and describe how these promotions work.

Network Promotions

These promotions will normally catch the eye with their enormous prize pools and vast number of prizes awarded. They are operated by a specific game provider, and the promotion simultaneously runs across the many different betting companies who offer that provider’s games.

These promotions have differing formats for awarding prizes. Some will be based on a tournament Leaderboard, others on prize drops, whilst yet others may include a ‘mission’ where several different criteria need to be fulfilled.

There will be recurring promotions, which may include a series of tournaments over an extended period of time, whereas some are specific to a shorter period and may be specifically themed (i.e., Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc).

Virtually all prizes in network promotions are awarded as cash, and winnings are paid directly into your main balance with no turnover requirements.

Drops & Wins

Visitors to the Marathonbet Casino and Live Casino pages may have noticed the banners for the Drops & Wins promotions from Pragmatic Play™. These have been running every month since early 2021, with separate offers for Casino and Live Casino.

Drops & Wins in the Marathonbet Live Casino
Drops & Wins in the Marathonbet Live Casino

Over the months the specifics of the promotions have differed, as well as the total prize money. However, generally, the total prize money across both the Casino and Live Casino promotions has been around a staggering €2,000,000 a month!

Drops & Wins in the Marathonbet Casino
Drops & Wins in the Marathonbet Casino

Check the promotions tab for details of the latest Drops & Wins big money tournaments and prize drops. The individual participating games are also marked with the Drops & Wins logo.

Tournament Series

On occasions, promotions may be based on a series of different individual tournaments, ahead of a grand finale. Each individual tournament will have its own prize pool and winners, but a proportion of each score may be carried forward to one final big-money tournament.


Therefore, participating players who play regularly not only have a chance to win a prize in any of the individual tournaments, they also increase their chances of a prize in the promotion finale.

When you see a series-based promotion, remember to check the Terms and Conditions to see if there are any incentives for taking part in the whole series.

Local Promotions

Whilst some of these promotions may have similar scoring mechanics to some of the network promotions, you will notice that the prize pool money is considerably less. However, that should not deter you from taking part. 

Local Promotions: Lucky 3 Evolution
Local Promotions: Lucky 3 Evolution

The reason for this is that these promotions are only available on Marathonbet, so you are not competing with numerous other players taking part with other bookmakers. So, although the prize money may be less, you have a far higher chance of winning one of the prizes.

Taking Part

When taking part in a promotion, check to see if you have to opt-in to participate. This will often be in the form of a pop-up message appearing when you open one of the participating games, which will offer you the chance to take part or not.

Once you have decided to take part, check the Terms and Conditions to ensure you understand how to compete, which games are included or excluded, and the scoring mechanism.

Promotions Scoring Mechanisms

When playing in the Marathonbet Casino or Live Casino you’ll find many different scoring mechanisms used in both network and local tournaments. One aspect to check is whether, as is the case in some promotions, the score is based on the highest individual points on a single spin, meaning that it will not change unless a higher score is obtained. In other promotions, the Leaderboard is based on a combined total, where all points gained during the promotion are added together. In both cases, if scores are tied at the end of a promotion, precedence is given to the player who obtained that score first, and thus they will achieve a higher placing.

Below is a brief description of some of the more commonly used scoring mechanisms when entering Casino slot game promotions… 

Tournaments – Slot Games

  • Multiplier Race (also known as Win Multiplier)

Points are calculated based on the multiplier for a winning spin, with each multiplier equalling a defined number of points.

For example, in a promotion where one multiplier equals one point:

€10 won with a €1 bet equals 10 multipliers (10/1), which would then earn the player 10 points towards their Leaderboard score.

  • Win Race (also known as Points Per Win)

Points are calculated based on the amount won on a winning spin, with each amount won equalling a defined number of points.

For example, in a promotion where every €1 won equals one point:

A spin gives a win of €50, which would then earn the player 50 points towards their Leaderboard score.

Note: In some promotions, scoring may be based on adding both the points from the Multiplier Race and Win Race together to make a combined total score.

  • Points Per Spin

The simplest scoring mechanism; simply make a spin over a specified amount, and you’ll earn points for each spin made.

For example, in a promotion where every spin over €0.40 earns one point:

100 spins of €0.40 or more will earn the player 100 points towards their Leaderboard score.

  • Bet Race (Points Per Stake)

This is also based on each spin, but the amount wagered on each spin defines the number of points awarded.

For example, in a promotion where every €1 wagered equals 10 points:

A spin with a total wagering amount of €4 would then earn the player 40 points towards their Leaderboard score.

  • Mission

These promotions are based on a varied number of named slot games (generally three or four), where a specific task must be completed in each one to complete the ‘mission’. The Leaderboard is determined by those players who complete the mission in the fewest number of spins. In most instances, a mission can be restarted after a certain number of spins.

As an example, this was a previous mission from the provider Yggdrasil, and the tasks needed to complete it were as follows:

Boilin’ Pots – Land a 3 of-a-kind win 20 times

Golden Fish Tank – Hit 4 wins in a row

Raptor Doublemax – Collect 50 of the highest symbol in the base game

Vikings Go Berzerk – Collect 3 chests in the base game

  • Highest Multiplier

The score is calculated based on the highest multiplier from a winning spin. Only the player’s best score will count towards their Leaderboard position.

For example, in a promotion where one multiplier equals one point:

Player wagers €1 and wins €50: their multiplier is 50/1= x50, and the player gets 50 points.

The player’s score will remain at 50 unless they achieve a higher multiplier in the promotion.

  • Prize Multiplier

These often feature in the Drops & Wins Casino promotions from Pragmatic Play. If you are lucky enough to finish in a prize-winning position in such a tournament, your prize will be based on the stake of the winning bet which earned that Leaderboard position.

For example, the Leaderboard score is based on the individual highest value single spin win amount, adjusted for the amount of that bet. In this example let’s use this winning bet, where the player’s score is calculated by dividing the winnings by the stake, and then multiplying by 100:

‘If a player wagers €1 and has €80 winnings, the score will be (80/1) x100 = 8,000 points’:

The top 10 on the Leaderboard are awarded the following prizes:

1st  10,000 x wager amount;

2nd  5,000 x wager amount;

3rd  2,000 x wager amount;

4th – 10th  1,000 x wager amount;

If that player was lucky enough to win the tournament with the score from that bet, their prize would be €10,000 (10,000 multiplier x €1 stake). Using the same formula, a finish between 4th and 10th would result in a prize of €1,000 (1,000 multiplier x €1 stake).

Other Mechanics and types of Prizes and Bonuses in Casino and Live Casino

  • Prize Drops – Slot Games or Live Casino Games

Most ‘Prize Drop’ promotions are offered on slot games, although occasionally they will also be offered on Live Casino games. Prize drops are very popular, as there are no complicated rules to read first nor any requirements to have a better score than another player.

On a slot game Prize Drop promotion, simply spin the reels for the minimum stake required in the promotion, and you could win a cash prize with that spin! Qualifying spins can be as low as €0.20, thus for a very small stake you could find a large cash prize dropping into your account!

The participating slot games will include a feature which shows, in real time, how many prizes remain throughout the promotion. So, before making your spin, you can check to see if some of the larger prizes are still waiting to be won.

In the Live Casino, the Drops & Wins promotion from Pragmatic Playwill often include prize drops. These can be won randomly when playing on participating games or game types. For example, Roulette, Blackjack and Game Shows have all previously been included in a prize drop promotion.

  • Prize Multiplier (Prize Drop) – Live Casino

As a variation on the regular prize drops, which are fixed amounts that are randomly awarded, the Drops & Wins Casino promotions occasionally feature mechanics where prizes are based on the amount of the actual wager. These are also randomly awarded and depend on the stake of the wager which triggered the prize.

For example, these may be the top three prizes in a ‘prize multiplier’ prize drop:

1 prize of 1,000 x wager amount;

2 prizes of 500 x wager amount;

5 prizes of 100 x wager amount;

Thus, if a player wagers €2 and wins the top prize (1,000 x wager amount), the cash prize drop credited to their account would be €2,000.

  • Prize Draws – Slot Games or Live Casino Games

Prize draws will often be a feature of local promotions, where players have a higher chance of winning than when taking part in the multi-bookmaker network promotions.

For certain actions, players receive virtual tickets and, after the promotion closes, a random number generator will be used to generate the winning ticket numbers.

On slot games, the requirement may be to wager a certain amount, for example €50, with a specific game provider. Thus, each €50 wagered will earn that player one ticket for the prize draw.

Similarly, in the Live Casino, the draw may be linked to a certain game or provider. For example, a previous prize draw was based on turnover on the Lightning Roulette game, with tickets awarded based on the amount wagered when playing that game.

  • Free Spins – Slot Games

A popular local promotion is a ‘Spin Booster’, in which you play either a specified slot game, or games from a certain provider, and earn Free Spins based on the amount wagered.

The Free Spins will be awarded on a specific game, with conditions for their awarding based on this format: for every €100 wagered during the promotion period across the qualifying slot game(s), you’ll receive 20 Free Spins (up to a maximum of 200).

Any winnings from the Free Spins will normally have a turnover requirement, after which the balance will be available for further gameplay or withdrawal.

  • Bonuses – Slot Games

This type of promotion is a variation of the above, in which you play slot games from a certain provider and earn a Casino bonus based on your turnover.

The Bonus will be awarded based on formats similar to the following: for every €200 wagered across the slot games of a specific provider during the promotional period, you’ll receive €5 credited to your Bonus Balance (up to a maximum of €100).

Any Bonus will normally have a turnover requirement, after which the balance will be available for further gameplay or withdrawal.

  • Bonuses – Live Casino Games

There are various local Live Casino promotions offered that include the awarding of Bonuses. These are just a few examples of such promotions that you may find on our site:

  • Bonus Boom – based on wagering on Live Casino games from selected providers; a Bonus up to €100 can be awarded.
  • Lucky Numbers – earn a Bonus based on winning straight-up bets on a certain number on roulette; Bonus amounts vary.
  • Blackjack Mission – earn a Bonus based on three specific events occurring in a blackjack game you are playing; a Bonus of up to €150 can be awarded.

All tournaments, prizes and bonus amounts, as well as any promotions, detailed in this text are accurate at the time of writing, but are subject to change. Some promotions mentioned may not always be available, may be replaced with new promotions, or include amended or updated rules.