Virtual Sports Tennis Betting Guide

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Virtual Sports Tennis

Virtual Sports are computer simulations of real sports that give you the opportunity to wager on high-quality animations throughout the day and night. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Virtual Sports tennis and highlight the different betting options and statistics available.

Virtual Sports Tennis
Virtual Sports Tennis

Virtual Sports Tennis

In this game from Betradar, you’ll be sitting courtside as the action takes place. There are 16 different players competing, with four matches taking place at any one time.

Matches are played simultaneously, and you can move between games to watch the one you are interested in.

The latest scores from all matches are displayed alongside the visual simulation.

Virtual Sports Tennis. Court
Virtual Sports Tennis. Court

Virtual Sports Tennis Betting Options

There are numerous betting options on each match, similar to those that you would find in real tennis. The majority of markets are updated after each point, so you can bet in-play as the match progresses.

The markets available are separated into three sections, Game, Set and Match. An example of some of the different markets available in each are shown below.

 Virtual Sports Tennis. Betting Options
Betting Options

Virtual Sports Tennis Statistics

When deciding which bets to place, there are various statistics available for your information.

Virtual Sports Tennis. Statistics
Virtual Sports Tennis. Statistics

You can also view the players’ ‘virtual’ head-to-head results and recent match outcomes.

Virtual Sports Tennis. Recent match outcomes
Recent match outcomes

Virtual Sports Tennis Live Match Data

As a match progresses, the game statistics are continually updated.

Virtual Sports Tennis. Live Match Data
Live Match Data

You can also see a player’s rank in the simulated virtual tennis games.

Virtual Sports Tennis. Player’s rank
Player’s rank

Virtual Sports Tennis Bet Slip

The bet slip is the same as the one used for Virtual Sports football from Betradar. You can bet on singles, as well as placing accumulator or multi bets on more than one match.

Once a market has started, it will show as ‘suspended’ on the bet slip. If it is a market that will be updated, the bet slip will refresh automatically with the new odds once they become available. The different betting options available on the ‘Multi’ tab will also be updated if the selected markets become unavailable.

Virtual Sports Tennis. Bet Slip
Bet Slip

Virtual Sports Tennis Quick Bets

Above the players’ scores, to the right of the match simulation, there is a ‘Quick Bets’ option.

If you turn this button on, it opens the latest odds for the current set, current game and current point in each of the four active matches. This allows you to place accumulator and multi bets more conveniently on these popular markets, without having to separately click on each individual match. As prices become inactive, they will be greyed out and will reopen again after each point is concluded.

Virtual Sports Tennis. Quick Bets
Virtual Sports Tennis. Quick Bets

More virtual matches

Immerse yourself with the spectacular 3D graphics, giving you the feeling of watching a real, live match, when selecting Virtual Sports tennis on the Marathonbet website.

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