Casino Terminology

Casino terminology

Here you can find terminology commonly used in the Marathonbet Casino and Live Casino.

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General Terms

A card with a value of 1 or 11.

Ace High
A poker hand containing an ace but no pairs or higher combinations.

An initial bet (usually in card games) placed before the round starts.

The amount staked on a game/spin etc. Can also be referred to as a ‘Wager’.

A reward or Free Spins, often entailing turnover conditions before it can be converted into cash.

A token with an assigned monetary value, used in land-based casinos and often in online games to represent bet stakes.

Cold Streak
A player or outcome on a significant run of losses.

The person dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel.

Deck of Cards
A set of 52 cards, comprising spades, clubs, diamonds & hearts, with each suit running from a 2 through to an ace.

Face Card
A jack, queen or king. Also known as a ‘Picture Card’.

Face-Down Card
A card that is dealt face down, so players can not see its value.

Face-Up Card
A card that is dealt face up and is visible to all players.

Game Shows
A category within the ‘Live Casino’ section that features games often presented in a similar fashion to gameshows.

Gross Winnings
The total returns from one or more bets, including the returned stakes.

The cards a player or a dealer is holding or has been dealt.

High Roller
A player that bets with large stakes.

Hot Streak
A player or outcome on a significant run of wins.

The first page of an online casino, where you normally find links to different game types, categories, providers etc.

Local Promotion
A promotion that is only available to customers of a particular online casino.

Maximum Bet
The maximum stake allowed for any one bet.

Minimum Bet
The minimum stake allowed for any one bet.

Net Winnings
The total profit from one or more bets (payouts minus stakes).

Network Promotion
A promotion that runs across different online casinos, with all customers in the running for a prize.

The price offered on a specific eventuality occuring. They’re used to calculate the winnings.

The amount awarded to a player after a winning bet. This is also known as the ‘Gross Winnings’.

Picture Card
See ‘Face Card’.

Prize Pool
A total sum that will be distributed among all the winners of a promotion.

Progressive Prize Pool
A prize pool that starts at a guaranteed amount and increases with each bet staked on the participating game(s).

Where multiple hands tie and the players’ stakes are returned.

A special device holding multiple decks of playing cards.

The act of mixing a pack of cards and changing their position in the deck, without their values being seen.

Turnover Requirement
An amount that may be required to unlock or release a Bonus or winnings from a Bonus (also known as a ‘Rollover Requirement’).

The amount risked on a bet.

Card Hands terminology

Five cards of the same suit.

Four of a Kind
Four cards of the same rank.

Full House
A hand consisting of three cards of the same rank, as well as a pair.

High Card
A hand that does not contain a pair or better.

A hand consisting of two cards of the same rank.

Royal Flush
A hand consisting of an ace, king, queen, jack and 10 from the same suit.

A hand of five cards that are of consecutive ranks, including at least two different suits.

Straight Flush
A hand consisting of five cards that are of consecutive ranks and all from the same suit.

Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same rank.

Two Pairs
Two separate pairs, where each pair contains two cards of the same rank.

Poker terminology

Community Cards
Cards that any player can use in combination with the cards they’ve been dealt.

When a player pulls out of a round because they have a poor hand or believe another player has a stronger hand.

Hole Cards
The two cards dealt face down to the player. Also known as ‘Pocket Cards’.

Pocket Cards
See ‘Hole Cards’.

The Flop
The first three community cards dealt.

The River
The fifth community card dealt.

The Turn
The fourth community card dealt.

Roulette terminology

American Roulette
A variant with 38 pockets on the wheel. Numbers ‘1’ to ’36’ are red or black, whilst the ‘0’ and ’00’ pockets are green.

A bet on 12 numbers, covering one of the long columns of numbers.

A bet on four numbers that meet at one corner.

A bet on a group of 12 numbers (1-12, 13-24 or 25-36).

European Roulette
A variant with 37 pockets on the wheel. Numbers ‘1’ to ’36’ are red or black, whilst the ‘0’ pocket is green.

French Roulette
A variant that is similar to European Roulette but with some unique rules.

Inside Bets
Bets on individual numbers or a group of specific numbers.

A bet on six numbers where two lines meet, effectively two ‘Street’ bets (13-18, 31-36, etc.).

Outside Bets
Bets covering a large group of numbers (‘Red’ or ‘Black’, ‘1-18′ or ’19-36’, ‘Even’ or ‘Odd’).

The numbered indentations on the wheel in which the ball lands after a spin.

A bet on two vertically or horizontally adjacent numbers.

Straight Up
A bet on a single individual number.

A bet on three consecutive numbers in a line (10-11-12, 31-32-33, etc.).

Blackjack terminology

Bet Behind
Betting on one or more of the other player’s hands, meaning you win if they win.

A hand in which the first two cards dealt to a player or a dealer have a combined value of 21. Also known as a ‘Natural’.

When the total value of the cards in a player’s or a dealer’s hand exceeds 21.

Double Down
Doubling your bet and receiving a third and final card.

Taking one or more additional cards, until you have a total on which you want to ‘Stand’ or you have ‘Bust’.

An additional bet a player can place if the dealer’s first card is an ace. The player will be paid if the dealer gets a Blackjack.

Soft Hand
A hand in which you are dealt an ace as one of your first two cards, meaning the ace could be counted as 1 or 11.

Playing two hands by splitting your cards after being dealt two cards of the same value.

Keeping the cards you have as your final total, without taking any new ones.

Baccarat terminology

In Baccarat, an ace is worth only one point.

Banker’s Edge
The third card rule favours the banker, so the odds on the banker winning are slightly shorter than those on the player winning.

Face Cards and 10s
In Baccarat, face cards and 10s are worth zero points.

Third Card Rule
A third card may be dealt, depending on the values of the first two cards and the individual game rules.

Slot terminology

A mode which makes reels spin automatically, with the bet amount and number of spins preconfigured by the player.

Bet Max
The maximum amount you can bet per spin.

Bet Min
The minimum amount you can bet per spin.

Bonus Rounds
Features triggered within a game that give you the opportunity to earn additional winnings.

Buy Bonus
A feature that allows the player to buy access to a ‘Bonus Round’.

Demo Mode
A slot game mode that lets you try the game out before playing for real money. 

Expanding symbols
Symbols that can expand on rows or reels to cover more than one space.

Free Spins
Bonuses received within an in-game Bonus round or awarded by an online casino. They give additional spins at no extra cost.

Gamble Feature
A feature available on some slots that lets you gamble your winnings. Your winnings can either increase or be lost. 

The prize in a slot game offering a jackpot or in several slot games with a combined jackpot.

Games with a higher, variable number of paylines and a different number of symbols on each reel and on each spin.

Multi-Way Slots
Slots that pay out for both directions (i.e. from left to right or from right to left).

The potential winning lines across all the reels.

A table that displays the payouts for the different winning combinations.

Progressive Jackpot

A game in which the jackpot pool increases with each bet placed.

The vertical reels on a slot machine. There are often five, but there can be less or more.

The horizontal lines of symbols on a slot game.

RNG (Random Number Generator)
The random mathematical algorithm that determines games fairly and without bias.

RTP (Return to Player)
An overall average of the percentage of wagered funds that will be returned to players for a specific game.

Scatter Symbol
Special symbols that can trigger features within a game (multipliers, Free Spins, Bonus rounds, etc.).

Stake Per Line
The amount wagered on each individual line for a spin.

Tumbling Reels
A feature where winning symbols are replaced by new ones after every winning combination, meaning more possible winning lines.

Slot games can have high, medium or low volatility. High volatility slots have bigger potential payouts, but will pay out less often, whereas low volatility slots payout more frequently but for lesser amounts.

Wild Symbol
A symbol that can stand in for any other symbol in the game. Check the specific game rules for more details.

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