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Crash games

In this article, you’ll learn about crash games, and their mechanics and benefits. We’ll also provide you with a special list of popular crash games that are currently available in the Marathonbet Casino.

What are crash games?

Crash games involve a unique kind of online gambling. In these games, the multiplier progressively increases up to a randomly predetermined value before it ultimately crashes.

The goal of the game is to let the multiplier increase and to cash out before it crashes. If you do so, you’ll win your bet stake multiplied by the value of the multiplier at the moment you cash out. The longer you stay in the game, the greater the multiplier—and the risk—will be.

Although these kinds of games are relatively new, they have quickly become popular around the world thanks to their simple but fascinating mechanics, their accessibility and their user-friendly interfaces.

Crash game mechanics

Crash game mechanics are different from those of regular slots. Here, you won’t find any reels, paylines or Wild or Scatter symbols, but don’t worry: these games are still as captivating as any traditional slot game! Crash games are perfect for people who are looking for something new in the world of online casinos. Having several strategic options to choose from helps to spice up the gameplay and add even more thrills.

So, let’s take a closer look at the mechanics by exploring the popular Spaceman™ crash game from Pragmatic Play. The main character, a charming little Spaceman, will be helping you on your mission to get some out-of-this-world winnings.

Crash games: Spaceman™ by Pragmatic Play
Crash games: Spaceman™ by Pragmatic Play

To start the game, you simply choose your bet stake and place a bet when prompted to do so. As soon as the Spaceman takes off, the multiplier starts to grow. Your goal is to cash out before the Spaceman crashes and the multiplier stops.

In this game, you have the option to either cash out the whole stake in one go, or cash out 50% of your stake and let the other 50% continue.

Additionally, you can set your own values for automatic cashing out, either for 50%, the whole stake or both. With this feature, you set the multiplier at a level at which you would be happy to cash out. If the Spaceman reaches that multiplier, your bet is a winner and is cashed out automatically.

Spaceman™: crashed
Spaceman™: crashed

There’s no way of knowing how long the flight will last. Each round can last anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. At the bottom of the game screen, you can find and study the results of previous rounds.

The benefits of crash games

  • Large winnings

Thanks to the high multipliers, you can increase your winnings significantly in just a few minutes.

  • Control over the process

You decide whether to cash out or take a risk for an even bigger multiplier.

  • Chat

Most crash games feature a chat window, where you’ll be able to chat about your success with other players, learn about other big wins and more.

  • Wide range of betting options

Although the betting range is different for every game, usually you can bet between €0.10 and €100. Additionally, some games even allow you to place two or more bets at a time!

  • Accessibility

You don’t need to study any complex rules or ways to win, as the results of these games don’t depend on skill. You need luck on your side when picking the right moment to cash out. That’s what makes crash games so unpredictable and exciting!

Crash games in the Marathonbet Casino

In the Marathonbet Casino, you’ll find fascinating crash games from leading providers, such as Pragmatic Play, Games Global, BetSoft, Spribe, TurboGames and others. Here’s a list of games that are perfect for getting started:

All of these games are also available in demo mode. Sign up and start playing for your chance to win incredible prizes!