Honey Rush 100 slot game

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Honey Rush 100

Honey Rush 100 is the sequel to the popular Honey Rush slot game from Play’n GO, both of which are available in the Marathonbet Casino. Now even more extraordinary features await you on a dynamic grid of hexagons set in the fabulous universe of the original game. Your challenge is to extract sweet honey from the hives of wild bees and collect rewards in the form of some great winnings!

Features of the slot game Honey Rush 100

Honey Rush 100 is a colourful bee-themed slot, as is reflected in every detail and aspect of the gameplay. The designers have done a great job, changing the traditional slot format to create a distinct playing area that resembles a honeycomb.

In addition, the slot comes with some of your favourite features, including Sticky Wilds, Random Wilds, a Rush Meter, a Colony feature and a brand new Overcharge mode, which adds even more excitement to the game.

The unique playing area in Honey Rush 100
The unique playing area in Honey Rush 100

Honey Rush 100 Gameplay

You win when you land between five and 37 matching symbols in a cluster anywhere on the honeycomb grid. The Wild symbol will match any of the pay symbols and will be used to complete or enlarge any cluster wins.

Once a winning spin is completed, the winning symbols drop from the grid and are replaced by new ones. This continues until there are no further winning clusters.

The winning symbols that drop off the playing area are collected in the Rush Meter. The symbols collected give different Bonuses in the Colony feature, based on the number accumulated.


The Colony function has three levels and is activated when the required number of symbols are collected in the Rush Meter. Once triggered, the Colony feature creates different size clusters, which are copies of the central symbol.

  • Drone Colony is triggered once 30 winning symbols have been collected and creates a cluster of at least seven matching symbols.
  • Worker Colony is triggered once 60 winning symbols have been collected and creates a cluster of 10-15 matching symbols.
  • Queen Colony is triggered once 90 winning symbols have been collected and creates a cluster of 20-37 matching symbols.

Random Wild

The Random Wild feature can be triggered at any time during the game and will add between two and four Wild symbols in random places on the grid. Each Random Wild can substitute any other symbol to create winning combinations, thus creating extra chances to win.

Sticky Wilds

If Sticky Wilds symbols become part of a winning cluster, they move to a free position below when the other winning symbols are replaced. This can be diagonal (left or right) or straight down. If they reach any of the bottom seven spaces on the grid, they will fall into the honey pot. Each time this happens, the multiplier is increased by one.

Overcharge Meter

When 90 symbols have been collected, the Rush Meter enters Overcharge mode. Every 15 winning symbols collected while the Rush Meter is overcharged causes the central grid symbol to be upgraded. The centre symbol will be upgraded in this manner as long as an enhancement is available.

This feature also provides additional Bonuses for the multiplier. If the maximum number of centre symbol upgrades is reached, the multiplier will be increased by +3. When utilising the Drone Colony, each Wild symbol that reaches the bottom of the playing field adds +2 to the multiplier, and when utilising either the Worker Colony or Queen Colony, each such Wild increases the multiplier by +3.

The maximum multiplier that can be achieved in the game is x100.

Atmosphere of the Honey Rush 100 slot game

This new slot game uses warm orange, green and yellow hues to put you in the heart of a bee colony. The honeycomb-shaped cells with floral and honey symbols perfectly complement the overall theme and maintain a colourful summer atmosphere.

A bee flying amongst the colourful flowers
A bee amongst the flowers in the Honey Rush 100 slot game

The soft background melody of the acoustic guitar continues throughout. It perfectly connects Honey Rush 100 with the first game and immediately immerses you in the cozy environment of a forest glade. At the same time, the backdrop of the game is much more detailed than before: nature lovers can admire flowers, grassy hills, trees and other views in this fabulous setting.

Can you hear the buzzing? Play Honey Rush 100 for the sweetest experience!

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