Funky Time – Live Casino Game Show: Full Review & How to Play

Funky Time – Live Casino Game Show: Full Review & How to Play

What is Funky Time?

Funky Time is an action-packed live game show guaranteed to get your feet moving. Play Funky Time and watch the wheel spin; there are Bonus games with huge multipliers amongst the 64 segments. You’ll have a Funky Time playing this entertaining game from Evolution against the backdrop of 1970’s disco music.

In the Marathonbet Live Casino, you’ll find Funky Time in the Game Shows section alongside a whole host of innovative games.

Playing Funky Time

The aim of playing Funky Time is to predict in which of the 64 segments the DigiWheel will come to a stop after each spin. Each segment contains either a multiplier, letter or one of four Bonus games.

There is a timer which counts down the available betting time before the next spin. You can bet on one or more options on any spin.

As the wheel is spun, differing amounts of random multipliers will be added to various segments on the wheel.

Playing Funky Time
Playing Funky Time

How to Play Funky Time

The betting board is displayed under the wheel. There are several options on which you can place your bets.

  • 1 – This is repeated in numerous places, and pays out 1:1
  • Play, Funk, Time – These each appear twice on the wheel, a winning bet on any of the individual letters will pay 25:1
  • Bar Bonus
  • Stayin’ Alive Bonus
  • Disco Bonus
  • VIP Disco Bonus
  Funky Time: Betting board
Funky Time: Betting board

If one of the random multipliers has landed on a winning number, then the payout odds are multiplied.

For example, a winning bet on ‘F’ (25:1) that also has a x5 multiplier, will payout at odds of 125:1

If one of the random multipliers is on a winning Bonus, then the multiplier will apply to that Bonus round.

Placing Your Bets

From the main betting area, simply click on your preferred stake and then on one or more of the selections. You can bet on as many of the individual selections as you like, with your placed bets showing on the grid as the wheel spins.

Placing Your Bets
Placing Your Bets

At the bottom of the betting grid there are two buttons. These allow you to place several bets at the same time when playing Funky Time.

‘All Letters’ will place a bet for your chosen stake on each of the 12 letters, whereas ‘All Bonuses’ will do the same for each of the four Bonuses.

Once you have placed your bets, there is an option to double the stake for each one, or an undo button to cancel the last bet placed.

Additionally, there is an ‘Autoplay’ function which allows the bet(s) and stakes placed to be automatically repeated for a defined number of spins (between 5 and 100).

Funky Time Wheel Spin Results

Wheel Spin Results
Wheel Spin Results

As you decide what bets to place, you can see a graphic showing the outcomes of the most recent spins.

This highlights winning streaks for any of the betting options and indicates when one of the random multipliers was applied on a winning spin.

However, bear in mind that, as with any game where the results are completely random, previous results do not give an indication of future spins.

Funky Time Bonus Rounds

Land one of the Bonuses and you’ll be heading to the bar, having a singalong or hitting the dance floor in the disco, all to the soundtrack of that 70’s disco beat.

Don’t forget, you will only participate in the Bonus round if you placed a winning bet on the corresponding Bonus game segment.

If you weren’t lucky enough to predict the winning Bonus segment, you’ll still be able to watch the fantastic Bonus games but won’t take part.

Bar Bonus

There are six ‘Bar’ segments on the wheel. If you place a winning bet, you’ll take a trip to the bar where you’ll find a robot barman waiting to pour you a drink.

There are three drinks, each with an associated colour. Choose your colour and you’ll win the final multiplier allotted to that drink. There is a limited time period in which you have to choose the drink you want. Don’t worry if you’re too late, you’ll be randomly assigned a glass before the drinks are poured and will still get a multiplier for your winning bet.

Funky Time: Bar Bonus
Funky Time: Bar Bonus

The barman then pours a drink into each glass. The more drink he pours, the higher the multiplier, with the initial multiplier ranging from x2 to x20.

Then the barman then adds a garnish to one of the drinks in the form of an extra multiplier. This can be between x2 and x5 and is combined with the original multiplier.

Therefore, if the original multiplier for a drink was x5, then the garnish multiplier was x4, the total multiplier for winning players who chose that glass would be x20.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus round gets its name from the song by the Bee Gees, which featured in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

This Bonus round has a multiplier ladder in which you progress upwards depending on the colour and value of the balls from the ball-drawing machine.

There are twenty levels on each ladder, starting at x5 and rising to x1000. Remember, that if the winning spin on the wheel had a random multiplier, that will be included in the values shown at the start of the Bonus round.

Funky Time: Stayin’ Alive Bonus
Funky Time: Stayin’ Alive Bonus

The ball-drawing machine features 90 coloured balls, matching the green, pink and orange ladders. There are also black ‘stop’ balls.

Before the first ball is drawn, you must choose one of the colours. If you don’t decide during the allotted time, you will be randomly allocated a colour.

The coloured balls have a value of either one or two and, depending on the colour and number of the ball drawn, you will progress up the appropriate coloured ladder.

Each ladder has four lives. When a black STOP ball is drawn, a life is lost. When all four lives are lost, the values of each multiplier at that time will be applied to winning bets on each colour.

Disco Bonus

In this Bonus round, you get to see Mr Funky showing his moves on the dance floor.

Starting in the middle of a 37-square dance floor, a mini direction wheel spins to indicate which way Mr Funky will move. After each spin, he moves one square in the direction indicated.

As Mr Funky dances across the squares, multipliers are collected and summed together. The higher multipliers are located towards the edge of the dance floor, but beware! When Mr Funky makes a move which takes him over the edge of the dance floor, the Bonus round ends and the multiplier earned at the time will be applied to winning bets.

When landing on an ‘X’ square, this will randomly double five of the multipliers already on the disco floor.

Funky Time: Disco Bonus
Funky Time: Disco Bonus

VIP Disco Bonus

The VIP Disco Bonus works in exactly the same manner as the regular Disco Bonus. The exception is that in the VIP Disco, the multipliers are higher, so there is a greater potential for bigger winnings.

Funky Time: VIP Disco Bonus
Funky Time: VIP Disco Bonus

Funky Time Live Chat

There is a live chat on the main page, where you can interact with the game host. There are also moderators who can answer questions about the biggest wins, highest multipliers on that day etc. At the end of each spin, or Funky Time Bonus round, the list of the biggest winning payouts scrolls up the main page.

Funky Time FAQs

What is Funky Time?

Funky Time is a Live Casino game show based around a vertical DigiWheel containing 64 segments. Players predict in which segment each spin of the wheel will end, with multipliers and Bonus rounds available too. Hit the dance floor and show your moves when playing the Funky Time casino game.

Where can I play Funky Time?

You can play Funky Time in the Marathonbet Live Casino. Head for the ‘Game Show’ category or select the ‘Evolution Game Show Lobby’ to find the game icon.

How to play Funky Time

Simply place one or more bets on the various different segments on the wheel, wait for the spin to end and see if you’re a winner. Check out the full article above for all the gameplay options.

Is Funky Time a live game?

Yes, Funky Time is a live casino game with a live host. They will talk you through the game and the Bonus rounds, and you can interact with the presenter via the chat option within the game.

Who developed the game?

Funky Time was developed by Evolution and has become one of their most popular Game Show offerings. Upon the game’s release, Evolution said: “Around 100 people were involved in getting Funky Time live, and I’m incredibly proud of their achievements. It’s the most expensive and complex game we’ve ever created”.

Funky Time Overview

Game providerEvolution
Max Winnings (multiplier)10,000x
Special featuresRandom multipliers, Bonus rounds
Bonus roundsBar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco & VIP Disco
Betting optionsBet on numbers, letters or Bonuses
Minimum bet per spin€0.10
Game themeA 1970’s disco
In-game characterMr Funky