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Ghost Father slot game

Great news for fans of horror-themed games: Yggdrasil and Peter & Sons have released a new mystical slot game named Ghost Father. You’ll discover restless spirits hovering among the spiderwebs and faded family portraits.

Even death hasn’t stopped the relatives from arguing about their inheritance. Whilst the ghosts whisper about lost fortunes, Igor Vasilievic, once the powerful patriarch of the family, tracks the treasures down, uncovering riches from the afterlife! Join him in his search to find every hidden stash.

Features of the Ghost Father slot game

Ghost Father is a slot game with five reels, three rows and 20 paylines, in which you can win a horrifically good 10,000 times your bet! The slot is full of unusual features, such as Ghost Rain and boosters, which help to enhance the gameplay.

Features of the Ghost Father slot game
Features of the Ghost Father slot game

Free Spins

To start the Free Spins Bonus round, you need at least three Scatter symbols to appear in the base game. The more Scatter symbols shown, the more Free Spins you’ll receive:

  • Three Scatter symbols give 7 Free Spins;
  • Four Scatter symbols give 9 Free Spins;
  • Five Scatter symbols give 12 Free Spins.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols fall randomly but only appear in the Bonus game (or in the main game if the Golden Bet option is enabled). They can substitute for any symbols except Scatter symbols and are used to form winning combinations. Additionally, Wild symbols will collect the values of all the visible ghost symbols, bringing instant winnings.

Wild multipliers

Wild multipliers multiply the wins from any paylines that go through the wild and also any wins from ghost symbols.

Ghost symbols

Ghost symbols can pay 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 500x or 1000x your bet. In addition, ghosts can fall with a booster: a spade, heart or diamond. You’ll be especially lucky if you collect ghosts with the heart booster, as this will increase the Wild multiplier.

If, during the bonus round, the Wild symbol falls without ghosts on the playing area, there is a random chance to trigger the Ghost Rain. Additionally, if six or more ghosts are present on a spin without a Wild, and there are no payline wins, there is a random chance to collect their values and win instant prizes.

Ghost Rain

During Ghost Rain, a random number of ghosts will appear on the playing area, and they always turn into a win. However, this feature only appears during the Bonus round.


There are three different types of boosters, which are collected in the meters above the reels:

  • Spades: Three spades give three additional Free Spins;
  • Hearts: Three hearts increase the Wild multipliers (by x2, x3 or x5);
  • Diamonds: Three diamonds trigger the Ghost Rain feature.

The boosters are always collected when they appear. When the multiplier reaches a value of x5, the hearts stop accumulating and their meter is reset.

If you are lucky enough to see all three types of boosters collected at the same time, there are many additional bonuses waiting for you. They work in this order:

  • Three additional Free Spins are added immediately;
  • Winning lines are evaluated without taking into account the new Wild multiplier;
  • The Ghost Rain starts;
  • The new Wild multiplier is applied to all ghosts, including those appearing during the Ghost Rain.

Golden Bet

If you click the ‘Golden Bet’ button, you pay an extra 50% for your bet but have a chance of landing Wilds in the main game, which will trigger a Wild collect from any Ghost symbols landed.

Buy Bonus

You can go directly to the Bonus round by selecting the ‘BUY’ option. Here, you can choose your bet size, which will determine the total cost of buying that Bonus round. After confirming your stake, you’ll be awarded a random number of Free Spins between 7 and 12. 

Atmosphere of the Ghost Father slot game

From the first moment you play the game you will appreciate the ominous atmosphere that reigns in the haunted house. The quirky, cartoonish characters enhance the gameplay whilst maintaining the creepy feel. The quality of the details and the colours put into every aspect of the game make this slot game fun to play and a thrilling visual watch.

Atmosphere of the Ghost Father slot game
Atmosphere of the Ghost Father slot game

The setting is a gloomy, dark room with portraits on striped wallpaper, a vintage dresser and a pedestal with an unusual bust, referencing the Peter & Sons logo. The sound effects, which take the form of haunting music, whispers and screaming ghosts, only add to this mystical impression.

The Ghost Father slot game is already available at the Marathonbet Casino! Immerse yourself in a story where the inhabitants of the afterlife hold the key to further riches. Ghost Father Igor Vasilievich will guide you through all the family hiding places, unlocking untold riches with each new spin!

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