Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ Slot Game

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Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™

Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ is an exciting game from Yggdrasil that will take you into the dazzling world of music. If you like stylish slot games with unusual Bonus features and the potential for big wins, this will definitely become one of your favourites. The developers have paid great attention to detail and created a real neon masterpiece that will amaze you with its vivid graphics and captivating atmosphere.

Features of the Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ slot game

Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ is a 5 x 3 slot with 20 fixed paylines, revolutionary DoubleMax™ mechanics, an exciting Free Spins feature and Encore mode.

This game is also part of the popular selection of slots with Cascade+ mechanics, where multiple payouts can be achieved with a single spin, as winning combinations disappear and are replaced with new symbols. The cascading multiple wins increases your position on the Free Spins ladder—the higher you go, the more Free Spins are awarded.

Features of the Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ slot game
Features of the Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ slot game

Free Spins

With each win, you move up a step on the Bonus scale located to the left of the reels. The fifth indicator activates Free Spins, but before that you will be offered the option to play a minigame to increase the number of Free Spins from seven to a maximum of 15.

The minigame has two modes with respective low and high risk levels. In the former case you can play for a smaller number of Free Spins with a higher probability of winning. In the latter one, the opposite is true—you can achieve more Free Spins, but have a lower chance of success.

Encore mode

You can activate Encore mode with a special button located on the right. If you do so, the size of your bet will increase by 50%, and the Free Spin counter moves up two places. It will start at the third indicator in the Bonus scale when Encore mode is selected.

Buy Bonus

This function allows you to activate Free Spins without waiting for them to fall in the main game. To do this, just click the ‘BUY BONUS’ button on the right side of the reels, next to the diamond icon. After that you will have two options: buy 7–15 spins at a price 100 times the selected bet or buy 12–15 spins at a price 200 times the bet. The exact number of Free Spins awarded will depend on the  outcome of the spin you make once you have purchased the Bonus.

DoubleMax™ multiplier mechanics

Yggdrasil’s DoubleMax™ is a continuously doubling multiplier that can increase indefinitely with each cascade and that allows for some truly epic wins. However, it resets at the end of the game cycle in the main game mode. In addition, the DoubleMax™ multiplier is also active in Free Spins rounds and remains active until the end of the round.

Atmosphere of the Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ slot game

At first glance, it’s clear that the Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ slot game is inspired by the world of music. The design is made in an eclectic style, and you can see golden notes, violins, pianos and other instruments that allude to classical music on the screen. At the same time, the abundance of neon and the musical accompaniment brightly emphasise the characteristic features of 70’s and 80’s disco.

The graphics in this game have been worked out down to the smallest detail, creating an incredible visual experience that immerses you in the atmosphere of this amazing party.

Play the Diamond Symphony DoubleMax™ slot game from Yggdrasil and test your luck. See how high you can push your multiplier!

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