11 Live Casino Games You Must Try Today

Live Games

Live Games are carving a relatively new niche in the entertainment market, by offering real-time betting on games. The key advantage of the format is that it gives players the ability to view the odds of different outcomes, in a similar way to sports betting, and place bets based on those odds.

Bets are generally placed at fixed odds before the game starts. However, some bets can be placed live, as the cards are dealt. The odds for these live bets will change throughout the game. In this way, you can assess the current situation at any time during the game, and calculate your chances of winning, before placing your bets.

In Live Games, rounds and draws are held frequently and last only a couple of minutes, meaning they’re great for placing bets and receiving winnings fast. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can even follow several games at once and switch between them in just one click when a new round starts.

With fast-paced gameplay, great odds, simple rules, a range of betting options, livestreams with real dealers, high-quality graphics and customisable display settings, Live Games are becoming increasingly popular amongst players all around the world.

Marathonbet Live Games

Card games

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian card game. You have to correctly guess the side (‘Andar’ or ‘Bahar’) on which the card matching the value of the Joker card (shown in the middle) will be dealt. The game begins when the dealer reveals the Joker card, which is the first card dealt.

The dealer then begins drawing cards, alternating between each box, with the starting side determined by the suit of the Joker card. They will start on the ‘Andar’ side if the joker’s suit is black, or on the ‘Bahar’ side if the joker’s suit is red. The game ends when a card that matches the Joker card is drawn. The side this card lands on is considered the winning side.

You can also place bets on various additional aspects, such as the colour, suit or value of the Joker card, or how many cards will be dealt before the winning side is determined.

This simple game is very popular in India. All you have to do is place a bet and guess which side will win.

Bet on Poker

Bet on Poker is a game very similar to Texas Hold’em. The dealer deals six hands and the community cards at the centre of the table. You have to choose which will be the highest-ranking hand. You can place bets both prior to the game and whilst the cards are being dealt. So, as the game goes on, your chances of winning change and so do the odds. You can also bet on the value of the winning combination of cards. If you like poker, this game is for you!

6+ Poker

6+ Poker is a card game similar to Texas Hold’em, but with no 2s, 3s, 4s or 5s in the deck. The game is played between two opponents—the Player and the Dealer. To win, the players have to build the highest ranking five-card hand from the community cards and their two dealt cards.

There are 36 cards in the deck. The altered number of cards affects the probability of getting different hands and, consequently, their rankings compared to full-deck poker. In this game, a Flush is better than a Full House, and a Three Of A Kind is better than a Straight. Aces are the highest cards but, just like in Texas Hold’em, they can also be used to complete the low end of a straight.

You can bet on either the dealer or player to win, as well as on a tie (split). Bets are taken before the game starts, after the first two cards have been dealt to the player and after the flop, turn and river. As new cards appear on the table, the odds will change, as these cards can completely alter the course of the game. You can read some useful tips in the game itself or just start placing bets on hands. Poker is a complicated game, so if you want to play and win, try one of these Live Game variants.

War of Bets

War of Bets is a simple card game that offers a variety of bets. There are only three main betting options: ‘Dealer’, ‘Player’ or ‘Tie’. All you have to do is predict who will get the highest card! If the player and the dealer have cards of the same value, it’s a tie (war). You can place bets even after the cards have been dealt, but keep in mind that the odds will change.

The variety comes in the form of side bets: you can bet on the suit, colour or value of the card of the player or dealer.

Speedy 7

Speedy 7 consists of seven rounds. In each round, you have to guess the colour of the next card. In each game you have seven chances to win! If you guess the colour of the card in the first round, you can continue the game, or you may choose to claim (Cash Out) your winnings, skip rounds or try for series of wins. There are special bonuses for winning a series of four and seven rounds respectively.

At the end of the seventh round, any winnings not already cashed out will be paid back to the player before the next game starts.

If you’re new to the game, you will definitely appreciate the opportunity to win big without having to learn complicated rules. More experienced players can put their intuition to the test over all seven rounds in this exciting game.

Bet on Baccarat

Bet on Baccarat is based on one of the oldest card games that is still being played today. The rules are very simple. You have to predict who will win: the Banker, the Player or a Tie. Choose the outcome and place your bets!

Every new card changes your chances and odds. Place your bet and hope your luck comes in. Especially daring gamblers can choose the most improbable outcomes in the hope of winning at big odds!

Dice and wheel games

Dice Duel

Dice Duel offers a wide range of betting options. To win, you have to predict the outcome of rolling two coloured dice. The presenter uses two dice: a red and a blue one. The winning option is determined by the numbers on the dice; however, a tie is also possible.

There are four types of bets: main outcomes, numbers, odd/even, and totals. You can even guess which numbers will be rolled on the dice or the sum of the different numbers. Choose your outcomes, place your bets and claim your winnings in this quick and simple game!

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a fast-paced, simple game that offers a range of great betting opportunities. Simply predict the sector the wheel will land on and win!

You can place bets on the number of the sector, the colour of the sector or the outcome (under/over, odd/even) and win with odds of 18.00, 3.00 and 2.00 respectively. Try your luck: there’s a reason why the game is called Wheel of Fortune!

Lottery games

Lucky 5

Lucky 5 is a fast-paced game with a wide range of possible outcomes, based on the classic concept of a lottery. Predict which balls will be drawn in the game and scoop up some winnings! You don’t even have to guess all five balls. You can just choose one or several numbers and place a bet that they will be drawn at some point during the game.

If you prefer less risky bets, you can bet on the colour of the balls or how many balls of the same colour will be drawn. Draws are held every four minutes, and you can place bets on several games at a time by using the ‘Repeat bets’ option!

Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is another game based on a classic lottery, featuring numbered balls and a drawing machine. In this game, 6 balls are drawn from among 60 balls. There are 30 red balls and 30 blue balls, each numbered from 0 to 9. This is an exciting game with a plethora of betting possibilities, and the chances of winning at large odds make it really attractive for both beginners and experienced players. Choose your numbers, place your bets and claim your winnings: draws are held every four minutes!

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is yet another lottery-based game with an abundance of betting choices. In each game, 7 balls are drawn from among 42 balls. You can win up to 2,000 times your stake by correctly guessing the numbers of just four drawn balls! Just like in other lottery games, you can use the wide range of odds and outcomes to guide your decisions, and draws are held every four minutes!

Combination Bets

To enhance your gameplay further, you can also place combination (double) bets across two different game types. Combination bets are available on the Dice Duel, Wheel of Fortune, Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7 games. The odds are multiplied, so for two winning selections you could receive a big payout if you get lucky!

Live Games have seen incredible progress and increasing popularity around the world in recent years. Even though this area of gaming is still establishing itself, the Marathonbet Live Games are already providing the very best this format has to offer. So, here’s a great opportunity to try something new and win big prizes in just a few minutes!

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