Nolimit City Slot Games

NoLimit City Slot Games

You can now find slot games from the provider Nolimit City in the Marathonbet Casino.

Nolimit City produces a range of slot games that are visually striking, have exciting gameplay and include many different features.

You’ll find their games innovative, with many having high volatility and some big potential payouts to be won.

However, be warned! Their slots are not for the faint-hearted.

With titles such as Blood & Shadow, Dead Canary, Mental and Kiss My Chainsaw amongst their game list, you’ll have a frighteningly good time playing their slots.

So, dim the lights if you dare and take a spin on the Nolimit City slots!

New titles are added on a regular basis, but you can find a brief guide to some of the most popular Nolimit City games below.

The Most Popular Nolimit City Games

Blood & Shadow

Nolimit City Slot Games: Blood & Shadow
Nolimit City Slot Games: Blood & Shadow

In Blood & Shadow you’ll journey into an abandoned cathedral, where Shadow Girl has discovered a ritual for eternal youth deep in the dark mist. Can you progress the ritual bar to level 5?

This game is based on five reels of four symbols, but during Cursed Spins they become five reels of five symbols.

Blood & Shadow slot
Blood & Shadow slot

Landing Scatter symbols and achieving winning combinations of medium and high-paying symbols advances the Ritual Bar.

You’ll find plenty of other nifty features within the gameplay, including Candle Spins, Sticky Wilds, Split Rows or Reels, and much more.

And, if your luck is in, you can win 6,666 times your base bet as the top prize.

Dead Canary

Nolimit City Slot Games: Dead Canary
Nolimit City Slot Games: Dead Canary

The Grumpy Dwarf has found the perfect brew for the perfect beer in Dead Canary, and now he starts his quest for true love.

His journey through the mines will be packed with explosives and treasure, whilst a handful of trusty old canaries will hope to live to tell the tale!

The look and feel of the game is off-kilter and unsettling, with reels sliding in diagonally. Some of the reels will be blocked behind barriers, which can be freed by exploding bombs.

Dead Canary slot
Dead Canary slot

You can also increase your bet amount by 40% and guarantee a Scatter symbol, as well as automatically unlocking the first barrier. 

With Canary Free Spins, xBomb Wild Multipliers and Wild Explosions, there is something happening on nearly every spin!


Nolimit City Slot Games: Mental
Nolimit City Slot Games: Mental

Venture inside the asylum, and you’ll find the madness never ends. There are five patients to keep you company, it’s pretty Mental in there!

You’ll find this sepia-toned game rammed full of features to keep you on the edge of your seat.

There are fire frames that will split into two, with enhancer cells when four or six fire frames appear.

Mental slot
Mental slot

In keeping with the theme of the game, there are Autopsy Freespins, Lobotomy Freespins and Mental Freespins!

Additionally, when you land two Dead Patient symbols, you get the chance to win a massive multiplier of up to x9999.

The maximum win is 66,666 times the base bet, but are you brave enough to enter?

Kiss My Chainsaw

Nolimit City Slot Games: Kiss My Chainsaw
Nolimit City Slot Games: Kiss My Chainsaw

Two ladies hitch a ride home, but unbeknown to them, they have just been getting friendly with Chainsaw Larry!

You’ll feel the buzz of excitement when playing Kiss My Chainsaw, a 5-reel, 4-row thriller from Nolimit City.

Land three Scatter symbols on different rows and you’ll activate eight spins of ‘The Ride’, where the reel area becomes a 5×5. Land three scatter symbols on the same row and you’ll trigger ‘The Last Ride’.

Kiss My Chainsaw slot
Kiss My Chainsaw slot

If you then land three Scatter symbols during The Ride or The Last Ride, you’ll activate Chainsaw Larry spins.

Here, you’ll find a host of Bonus features: Smilies, xSplits and Lucky Feet.

Strap yourself in for the ride, but watch out for Larry!

You’ll find all these thrilling games and more from Nolimit City in the Marathonbet Casino. If you like your gameplay with a twist, you’re sure to find a game you like amongst the wide range available.

Games from some providers may not be available in some countries.

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