GigaBlox™ Mechanic

The GigaBlox™ mechanic

In 2020, Yggdrasil, one of the leading slot game providers, introduced a new feature: GigaBlox™ games. The technology made its debut in Lucky Neko GigaBlox™, a game inspired by traditional Japanese stylings. The mechanic quickly gained popularity amongst players, which led to other game developers taking notice. Today, you will find numerous slots with this mechanic in the Marathonbet Casino.

So, what exactly is GigaBlox™, and how can this technology improve your gameplay? Let’s find out right now.

What is GigaBlox™

GigaBlox™ is one of the newest gambling mechanics that you will find in online slots. Involving gigantic symbols that take up several spaces on a reel, this mechanic boosts your chances of getting winning combinations.

For example, if a 2×2 block appears on the reels, it’ll cover up four spaces and count as four individual symbols when it’s part of a winning payline. GigaBlox™ symbols can be normal, low-paying symbols or even special symbols, such as scatter or wild symbols, depending on the rules the specific game.

Lucky Neko GigaBlox™ Slot
Lucky Neko GigaBlox™ Slot

You’ll get at least one GigaBlox™ symbol—a huge block that covers a 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 or even 6×6 section—with each spin. The gigantic 5×5 and 6×6 symbols usually appear during bonus rounds with Free Spins. The bigger the blocks, the more chances you have to win a large prize!

Most popular GigaBlox™ games in the Marathonbet Casino

GigaBlox™ slots are perfect for beginners, thanks to their simple but exciting gameplay. More experienced players will appreciate the unique mechanics and new ways to earn fantastic winnings too.

If you want to learn more about this technology, here’s our picks for the best GigaBlox™ games:

  • Jokrz Wild Ultra Nudge GigaBlox™ is an exciting slot with impressive potential when it comes to winnings. It features two unique mechanics: UltraNudge™ and GigaBlox™.
  • Notre Dame Tales GigaBlox™ invites you to join a legendary medieval adventure with an amazing combination of unique features and Bonuses.
  • Nightmares VS GigaBlox™ is a game in which you fight nightmarish creatures as you put your luck to the test.
  • WaterBlox GigaBlox™ transports you to where the forests of Walarya meet breaking waves, as huge sea creatures travel up the fjords. The shaman watches over the falls, waiting to reward you for your big catch.
  • Hades GigaBlox™ welcomes you to the kingdom of the dead, the underworld and realm of Hades. Sample an amazing combination of GigaBlox™, Wild Hunt and Cerberus Multiplier features and you could win prizes fit for the gods.
  • Giganimals GigaBlox™ sees you travel to another planet and fight against menacing extraterrestrial aliens alongside some plucky farm animals. Will you see some out-of-this-world winnings?

Even more GigaBlox™ games

It’s been several years since the first GigaBlox™ game was introduced. Since then, several other studios have joined Yggdrasil in creating fantastic games using this mechanic. Click here to find numerous GigaBlox™ slot games in the Marathonbet Casino. Sign up and make a deposit to start playing. You could be a GigaBlox™ winner!

Some games may not be available in some countries.

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