The Runemakers DoubleMax™ slot game

The Runemakers DoubleMax Yggdrasil

The Runemakers DoubleMax™ is a new slot game from Yggdrasil, in which you venture into a mysterious dark forest in search of the creators of the runes and their treasures.

Runes are written symbols  that were used in the lands of the Germanic-Scandinavian countries in ancient times. Centuries have passed, and now these symbols are often said to have magical properties. It’s thought that runes can enhance your strength, luck, happiness, prosperity and much more.

Regardless of whether you believe in magic in real life or not, you can definitely test your luck with the ancient symbols in this slot game. Are you ready to start your magical adventure?

Features of The Runemakers DoubleMax™ slot game

The Runemakers DoubleMax™ is a six reel, six row slot that combines the cluster payout system and the DoubleMax feature for the first time. This means that as winning symbols disappear from the playing area to make way for new ones, the multiplier will double. This combination opens up even more opportunities for some large payouts!

The Runemakers DoubleMax slot game
The Runemakers DoubleMax slot game

Free Spins

To activate the Bonus round, you need to wait for a spin resulting in at least three Scatter symbols in the main game. After that, you will get seven Free Spins, with the opportunity to increase that number to 11 by playing a gambling minigame. This game takes the form of a wheel with runes, with each successful gamble adding two further Free Spins.

The gambling minigame in the Runemakers DoubleMax
The gambling minigame, which can increase the number of Free Spins

If successful, the number of Free Spins increases from seven to nine for the first round, then from nine to 11 for the second round. But beware, lose your gamble and you lose all of your Free Spins! You’ll then return to the main game.

Dropdown feature

Alternatively known as cascading tiles, this feature  causes winning symbols to disappear from the reels, allowing new symbols to drop down. Each dropdown can create further wins, and the dropdowns continue until there are no more wins. Each time there is a dropdown win, between one and five wild symbols are added to the vacant positions before the remaining symbols drop.

DoubleMax feature

The main multiplier is doubled on each successive winning dropdown! During the Free Spins Bonus round, the DoubleMax multiplier doesn’t reset until the round is finished and you have returned back to the main game. You can see the current multiplier level on the left hand side of the playing area.

Mystic mysteries

Sometimes, following a win, mystery symbols can appear on the spots left vacant after the dropdown, and each of them hides the same matching symbol (excluding scatters or wilds). This  guarantees a win. Thanks to this feature, you can make a cluster combination for a truly epic win!

Buy Bonus

If you don’t want to wait for the Scatter symbols to appear in the main game, you can use the ‘buy bonus’ feature and move directly to the Free Spins mode.

Buying a Bonus
Buying a Bonus

There are two options in the game: you can increase the main bet by 125 times to buy seven Free Spins, or by 350 times to buy a Super Bonus that allows you to get the maximum of 11 Free Spins.

Bonus Boost

Enabling the Bonus Boost doubles your chances of landing at least three scatters in the main game, but the cost of each spin is increased by 50%.

Atmosphere of The Runemakers DoubleMax™ slot game

The Runemakers DoubleMax™ is a slot game that is imbued with an atmosphere of ancient magic and enchantment. From the opening moments, you are immersed in a marvellous world, each element of which complements the visual impression.

Detailed symbols, bright colours and smooth animations create stunning graphical effects. The pleasant music in the background does not distract from the game, but further supports the mood of this adventure.

Atmosphere of The Runemakers DoubleMax slot game
Atmosphere of The Runemakers DoubleMax slot game

The runes are carved on gemstones, each with a unique design. As the game starts, they come to life on the screen, allowing you to enjoy their colourful glow. During the Bonus round, the location completely transforms: soft twilight colours give way to fiery ones, the moon begins to shine brighter and priests appear in the background to work their magic, as you seek a winning combination on the reels.

Are you ready to harness the ancient power of runes on this magical journey? Join the adventure and unlock the secrets of the mystical forest in the new slot game: The Runemakers DoubleMax™.

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