Play Spark of Genius: A slot game with a difference!

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Spark of Genius slot game

If you’re looking for a truly innovative slot game amongst the vast selection on offer, then look no further than Spark of Genius from Play’n GO.

Just imagine: it’s the beginning of the 20th century, and the energy industry is dominated by the industrial magnate and owner of Manifest Energy, Maynard Woodrow. Then, a young talented inventor, Tess Jačova, appears and the tides of innovation are stirred with her revolutionary energy source, Resonant Energy.

Maynard and Tess clash in a power struggle to determine which of them will provide the grid with electricity. The stakes are higher than ever, with the fate of the city and some incredible prizes at stake. So, who will win? You decide!

Features of the Spark of Genius slot game

Spark of Genius is a slot game with six rows and six reels where you can win 10,000 times your bet. However, the reels look like nothing you’ll have seen before! Instead of traditional winning combinations, you will encounter symbols that form an electrical circuit with different connection points. You get a win every time there is a closed circuit on a spin. The more symbols in a winning circuit, the bigger the payout! You can get more than one winning circuit on any spin.

Spark of Genius playing grid
The playing grid in Spart of Genius

Charging in Spark of Genius

In the main game mode, all wins are accumulated. There are two types of Energy Charger, Manifest Energy and Resonant Energy. Each charger can store up to 35 charges. Collect 15 or 25 charges to unlock Tess or Maynard’s scientific developments, or 35 charges to activate the Bonus rounds!

Innovations by Tess Jačova

Resonant Energy, located to the right of the Energy Charger, has three levels, each of which can contain up to 35 charges.

To activate the ‘Gyrota’ feature on the first level, you need to collect 15 winning circuits. This feature randomly selects between three and seven circuit symbols and rotates them, opening the way for further winning combinations.

To advance to the second level and activate the ‘Dynamo’ feature, collect 25 winning circuits. This feature adds between two and six special circuit symbols to the grid, which can connect from all four sides, giving your circuit numbers a boost.

For the third level, one Free Energy Spin will be triggered when you collect 35 winning circuits. During this feature, each win sequentially increases the multiplier to one of the following values: x1, x4, x8, x12, x16, x20. The multiplier is applied to all wins during the Free Energy Spin.

The Free Energy spin in the Bonus round
The Free Energy Spin in Spark of Genius

Once there are no winning cascades, the ‘Gyrota’ and ‘Dynamo’ functions are activated in turn.

Maynard Woodrow’s innovations

Tess’s inventions are impressive, aren’t they? However, Maynard has a couple of trump cards up his sleeve too! You’ll find his Manifest Energy located to the left of the Energy Charger.

The first level requires 15 winning circuits, which will activate the ‘Relay’ feature. Between 7 and 11 randomly selected symbols disappear, making way for new winning opportunities to drop. Real chaos on the grid!

To move to the second level, you need 25 winning circuits. Launch the ‘Overload’ feature and start a cascade of destruction by activating up to six special symbols that systematically remove the symbols around them.

It takes 35 winning circuits to trigger Maynard Woodrow’s outstanding Empire Energy Spin in the third level. In this Free Spin, the centre of the grid becomes a Transformer, a 2×2 symbol with an initial multiplier of x3, acting as four connecting circuit symbols. It is activated only when connected to a closed circuit.

The Empire Energy Spin in Spark of Genius
The Empire Energy Spin in Spark of Genius

With each successful connection, watch the win multiplier increase by 1 (up to a maximum value of x20), potentially providing you with up to 35 Free Spins!

Once there are no winning cascades, the ‘Relay’ and ‘Overload’ functions are activated in turn.

Cascade feature

As if there weren’t enough already going on in this game, you’ll also find a ‘Cascade’ feature. This feature automatically removes winning circuit symbols from the grid and allows new symbols to fall and fill the gaps. This allows for the possibility of creating further wins. Once no new win appears, the cascades will end.

Atmosphere of Spark of Genius slot game

Spark of Genius boasts an exciting design that transports players to an era of mechanical marvels and scientific breakthroughs. With special attention to detail and electric tension in literally every symbol, you can witness the charged personalities of Tess and Maynard against the backdrop of industrial grandeur.

Atmosphere of the Spark of Genius slot game
Atmosphere of the Spark of Genius slot game

You can experience their story from the very start of the game, as you see a short newsreel with newspaper images chronicling the story of how the two geniuses are competing for the biggest contract in town. Next, Tess and Maynard find themselves either side of the grid, aiming to control their inventions and increase your winnings!

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Determine who will win in this electrifying technological race.

This is just one of a huge collection of games available from Play’n GO in the Marathonbet Casino. Which ones will you enjoy playing?

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